A lot of the cool touristy stuff is marked by brown signs and some of the even better out of the road stuff you just happen upon by chance. This was a day of both.
It started off wanting to do the waterfall circuit on the tablelands. Though, before I go on, I should say that all photos here were taken with my mobile phone camera. Blasphemous, I know, but it was all I had with me at the time. We started out at sunrise and I was commandeering the Ute as one of my favourite things to do it drive, see somewhere nice (maybe a brown sign), pull over and admire. We skipped the main waterfalls (which we have done before and will be covered in another blog post) and went to the less common ones.

It looks like a lush green lawn but that green is actually duck weed on water


Millstream Falls


Millstream Falls


Look out over the Tablelands

It was late morning when we had had enough of following the Brown Signs and just started driving south west to see where we would end up. Turns out we found some more Brown Signs! We were close to Lake Koombooloomba so we stopped in there for a bit of a sticky beak. Water level was rather low but scenic nonetheless.

Lake Koombooloomba


We drove around the dam for a bit then discovered a little track where we could put the low range of the ute into use and followed it for as far as we could. We found this great little waterhole that my camera phone does not do justice to.

Below Koombooloomba


We consulted our map and decided to go further west with no real aim in place. We drove through a little town called Innot Hot Springs, and true to its name, there are some hot springs there. The water was cool on the surface but as you dug down into the sand it got warmer and warmer until it was almost too warm.

Innot Hot Springs


Someone had dug themselves a bath


We always make sure we have an offline version of maps saved on our phones so that when we run out of coverage we can still see where we’re going. We then headed even further north west and discovered the Lappa Road and this is where our socks were blown off by the amazing scenery. This is a road, which most of the way, seems to follow an old Railway line where some of the old bridges have endured the test of time and the elements and are still mostly standing to this day.

One of the old bridges


Good things to come


Flooded causeway


Creek crossing depth test!


A billabong, but no jolly swagmans to be seen anywhere


The stormy skies made for some dramatic scenery


Could almost feel my toes getting wet with this crossing


Along the track we started to ascend and this is where the scenery got even more breathtaking which I didn’t think was going to be possible on this drive.

Driving on the edge of the world


I could feel myself breathing in to squeeze through this one


The stormy golden hour


Before we knew it the track was came to an end and we popped out on the Burke Developmental Road near Petford where we made the trip home. At least I have a good excuse to go back and travel along this road again as I will take my proper camera with me this time and take half decent photos that will be worth writing home about.