We set off for Lakefield late Thursday evening. It was a spur of the moment trip so we selected our campsite and booked it on the NPSR page which seemed to be a nice spot on the Kennedy River, quickly packed and started driving. The first part of the trip was easy going to the Laura region where we quickly ran out of bitumen and hit the dirt. It had been a while since the road had seen a grader and it felt like I was stuck in one of those TV vibrating exercise machines so we lowered the tyre pressure which helps with corrugations in the sense that the tyres act like extra shock absorbers for the suspension which makes for a much more comfortable ride.

We got to the campsite not far off midnight and set up the tent. We made sure we set up the tent well back from the water so should any giant lizards (crocs) want to go exploring they will have a bit of a hike to us. We also parked the Ute in between the water and our tent so there would be that extra obstacle there.

Our home during our stay – it was in tents * boom tish *


Our kitchen – couldn’t have asked for a better view!

I looked up at the sky and oh my goodness, no moon and not an ounce of light pollution. I get out the camera while Aaron has a ‘flick’ (fish) but the Milky Way was in a crappy position. I got off a few snaps but mindful of my batteries as we wouldn’t have power again until we returned to civilisation.

One of my astro test shots. Stoked to have gotten the meteor in the frame, just wish it was a little more centered!


We woke up before sunrise and today was going to be our Lakefield Recon day. We explored a lot of the park from the northern to southern end getting some snaps along the way stopping where we found interesting:

A waterhole we found. Not much post-processing on this one. That was the colour of the water. No idea what made it this way?


Right near the spot where I hooked my first Barra. I chucked him back in as it looked like I took him straight our of kindergarten he was so small.


Sunset over the Kennedy River


Random little waterhole


The next day we got back to the campsite in the late afternoon and got our camp chairs out, sat by the river and enjoyed the scenery and noticed our neighbour that had moved in across the river. He was massive but was happy chilling out on the bank. As the sun went down we shone the torch in his general direction and we then found his pink eyed girlfriend sitting in the water with her nose poking out.

Our Croc neighbour for the evening. Thankfully he wasn’t much of a party animal.


As the sun went down on our final night I still had way too much battery power left in my camera so I had some campfire fun and then set up everything for a timelapse of the starry sky while waiting for the Milky Way to be in the right spot but the clouds had something to say about that so all I ended up getting was a blink-and-you-miss-it timelapse:

Campfire fun


As always, our time away went by way too quickly and we had to make our way back home. We’ve marked Lakefield as a ‘must revisit’ destination and planning on going back next open season, this time with the boat.