I like my gadgets – particularly mobile phones. It was mid- 2012 and I had just gotten myself the highly anticipated HTC One X which I spent ages customising and making it my own. Not long after getting my new toy it was time for another highly anticapted event – our holiday to Cairns which was also a recon mission to see if we could live here (*spoiler alert* yep, definitely can live here!). We did all the usual touristy things with one of them being visiting Mossman Gorge which is an idyllic rainforrest setting with crystal clear water and smooth mossy boulders.

Mossman gorge clear stream

We wandered upstream for a bit and I found this lovely little hidy hole that had a tiny waterfall. As usual, to get the shot I was picturing in my head I had to get into the water and set up in knee deep water. I waded in with 10kg camera bag on back, phone in pocket and camera set up on tripod ready to go. I crouched down to check the composition and my camera bag shifted just slightly off centre which was enough to have me falling into the pool side first with my arms flailing. Thankfully my actual camera bag is quite water resistant so everything inside was nice and dry. Myself however, not so waterproof, and of course my side to fall into the water was the side that had my pocket with phone in it.
I hoped against hope that my phone somehow would survive unscathed but I could hear and feel him shuddering in my pocket stuck in an endless bootup loop letting off little vibration zzzzzt’s to let me know he was trying but he just couldn’t do it. He kept trying until his battery went flat where he drew his last breath to fall asleep forever. I tried all the tricks with putting it in a bowl of rice, in an oven at a low temp and blow drying it but he was gone to never start again.

All I could hope for was that the photo I was trying to take would turn out to be a half decent one so at least the loss of my phone would be worth it. Well, here it is, you be the judge!

Mossman Gorge Mini Waterfall