As mentioned in my recent blog post my husband and I spent a long weekend at Lake Tinaroo and apart from getting some astrophotography in I wanted to play with my new toy – an intervalometer.


It’s is a handy little device that plugs into a camera and is used to trigger the shutter at specified intervals which is used in timelapse photography. Previously for timelapses I had done I had my phone connected to my camera via wifi, found a comfy spot, and manually triggered the shutter which didn’t really allow for very accurate timings and was quite boring. 

The intervalometer allows for set and forget which is exactly what I did. I set my camera up on the tripod, set the camera to AV mode, plugged in the intervalometer which I had programmed to take 1 photo every 3 seconds and for the max number of photos which is 399. I then left my camera and went to cook dinner. A little while later I went back to the camera and reset the trigger to take another 399 photos.

When the sun had all but disappeared I went back to my camera and had “memory full” flashing so that was the end of that which ended up being 769 photos for my timelapse.

I loaded the photos into Lightroom, made some universal adjustments, used a timelapse plugin and exported the photos as a .mp4 slideshow. I loaded the .mp4 into Premiere and added the music, made a couple of other minor adjustments and voila, I know had my finalised video which is the final product above!